Migraine Headaches

Keep in mind that while headache symptoms can be attributed to posture, they can also be the result of other medical conditions or issues. When in doubt, consult with your doctor.

There are three main posture misalignments that can lead to headaches. They are: 1. rounded thoracic back 2. rounded shoulders, and 3. a forward head.

When the body is in this compensated position, breathing becomes restricted. Restricted breathing causes lack of blood flow and reduced oxygen supply to the brain which can lead to headaches. In this video I will demonstrate four exercises for improving the posture misalignments commonly associated with headaches. 

When doing these exercises remember the following four keys to success:

1) For the best results do this routine first thing in the morning every day.
2) Listen to your body and do what you know is right for you. If an exercise causes pain, skip it and re-visit it when you are ready.
3) Point your feet straight ahead while performing the exercises unless otherwise instructed.
4) Don’t expect a miracle. Results take time, at least 90 days! This is a life-long commitment to taking responsibility for your health, not a quick fix.

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