The purpose of the exercises shown in the video above is to realign the 8 load bearing joints of the body, the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Once these load bearing joints are in a more optimal alignment, the spine no longer has to compensate and the load bearing of the spine becomes more evenly distributed throughout the spine. 


For more information on what the correct of the alignment of the spine should look like, check out the following video containing visual explanations of the body, but no exercises.

When doing these exercises remember the following four keys to success:

1) For the best results do this routine first thing in the morning every day.
2) Listen to your body and do what you know is right for you. If an exercise causes pain, skip it and re-visit it when you are ready.
3) Point your feet straight ahead while performing the exercises unless otherwise instructed.
4) Don’t expect a miracle. Results take time, at least 90 days! This is a life-long commitment to taking responsibility for your health, not a quick fix.

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