Zoom Classes

Get The Most Out Of Your Participation In The Posture Workout With Live Zoom Classes!

Live Zoom Classes are now being held on the second Thursday of every month from 5:00PM – 5:45PM PST.

These Live Zoom Classes are an opportunity for you to get the most value out of your participation in The Posture Workout. During Live Zoom Classes I will watch you while you perform the exercises of the current month’s routine. As a group, all participants in the class will be queued and guided through the Posture Workout of the month as I watch and give you feedback on things like, form, tempo, and breathing. I will also be teaching you ways to asses your own posture imbalances and to become aware of the incremental improvements that are happening each time you complete your Posture Workout.


  1. All participants are asked to join the Zoom class 5 minutes early at 4:55PM PST. The Zoom meeting room will be locked at 5:00PM PST and late participants will not be allowed to join. Thank you for understanding!
  2. The unique link to join each Live Zoom Class will be emailed to you the day before class. A new link will be sent for each class.
  3. To ensure you receive my emails, add maryann@realigntherapy.com to your email contacts. If you do not see my email in your Inbox, check your Spam folder. Move any emails from maryann@realigntherapy.com to your Inbox. This will train your email client to deliver my emails to your Inbox.

In preparation for the class:

  1. Prior to attending a Live Zoom Class you will be expected to familiarize yourself with the current Posture Workout of the month. Live Zoom Classes are being held on the second week of the month to allow you to get maximum benefit from the classes by familiarizing yourself with the new routine first. This gives you the first week and a half of the month to:
    • Watch the video
    • Read the PDF and
    • Practice The Posture Workout daily
  2. The key to this class is for ME to be able to see YOU in all positions of the current month’s routine.
  3. We will be reviewing the workout of the month just to really work on your form. We will not be covering different or new exercises.
  4. Please have whatever pieces of equipment are needed for the current month’s routine handy for the live class.
  5. Please find a place where you can set your camera up with 10 feet of depth in front of it. Test out your camera view so that your camera is pointing in a direction that allows me to see you on the floor, standing, kneeling, or in whatever positions are required for the current month’s routine. This means you will need to back your camera away from where you will be enough (about 10 feet) so that I can see your full body. Most people make the mistake of having their camera set either too close to where they are or at an angle that is too high, so when they get on the floor for example, I can no longer see them. Avoid this mistake by experimenting with camera angles ahead of time.
  6. Please understand that coaching on camera angles and depth will not be addressed during class. If I cannot see you, you simply will not be able to receive my feedback on your form.
  7. The main purpose of this class is for me to be able to see you, and for you to be able to hear me. This means that I may be saying your name in class and offering you direct coaching on your form, tempo, and body positioning. Do not be alarmed if/when you hear your name called. Keep in mind that you will be muted during class. If you want to ask me something, you will need to take yourself off mute in order to speak. Once you are done speaking, please put yourself on mute again in order to eliminate unwanted background noise for all of the participants.

The agenda for each class will be as follows. All listed times are PST:

  1. 4:55PM – 5:00PM You and other participants join the class. Check to make sure your video is turned on so I can see you, and mute your audio so there is no disruptive background noise during the class (see Instructions For How To Use Zoom below to see how to turn your video on and for how to turn your sound off). Turn the volume up on your device so that you can hear me during class. Please place your cell phone on Do Not Disturb or turn your cell phone off for the duration of the class to eliminate unwanted interruptions.
  2. 5:00PM Zoom Meeting Room is locked, class begins on time.
  3. 5:00PM – Approximately 5:30PM You will be queued and guided through the sequence of exercises for the current month. We will typically begin right at 5:00PM with a standing self-assessment, so be ready in the standing position with all of your props and equipment for the current month’s routine nearby when class begins.
  4. Approximately 5:30PM – 5:45PM Live Q&A. The last segment of class is dedicated to you getting into dialogue with me to get your questions answered.

Instructions For How To Use Zoom:

  • Before each class check to make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection. If your Wi-Fi connection is not sufficient, please make arrangements ahead of time to be at a location with good Wi-Fi.
  • At 4:55PM PST join the Zoom class by going to the link sent to your email.
  • Once you join the class turn your camera on by clicking the camera icon on the bottom left of your screen so that there is no longer a red diagonal line through the camera icon. Once your camera is turned on the icon in the bottom left of your screen will look like this:

  • Say hello to let us know you have joined, then turn your sound off by clicking the microphone icon on the bottom left of your screen so that there is a red diagonal line through the microphone icon. Once your sound is turned off the icon in the bottom left of your screen will look like this: 

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in class soon!